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Workplace Wellness

Our company has been working with Heidi for a few years now to institute a wellness program for our employees. We are a local manufacturing company. Heidi comes in twice per week to work with our staff on stretching and mindfulness techniques that they can do at work and at home Not only is this program helpful physically but it has contributed emotional positivity to our culture as well. Our employees look forward to their wellness training. They often provide very positive feedback about how much they appreciate and enjoy working with Heidi. We highly recommend working with Heidi to implement a wellness program in your work place.
— Lacey Parise, Director of Operations, Water Safety Corp., Reno, Nevada

Workplace Wellness Menu

  • Stretch Breaks - 15, 30 or 50 minute weekly or bi-weekly sessions - $35-$95

  • “Lunch and Learn” - Healthy lunch with Nutrition Education, Stretching and Mindfulness Training - Pricing is location and attendant dependent.

  • Special Event - Bookend your Strategic Planning meeting or Team Retreat with stretching, relaxation techniques, mindful movement and nutrition education - Pricing is location and attendant dependent.

We can’t afford to ignore our greatest business asset; the individuals in it.

Reno, Nevada, we bring it to you!

Businesses benefiting from Workplace Wellness

  • Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation, Reno, NV

  • Water Safety / Water Chef, Reno, NV

  • Grant Thornton LLP, Reno, NV

  • CC Media, Reno, NV


Why Workplace Wellness?

Businesses pay 41% less in health-related costs for employees who are happy and healthy. The success of any business lies in the health and happiness of its people.

Stress results in “cortical inhibition,” meaning that some parts of your brain can shut down and keep you from doing tasks.

Mindfulness and mindful movement has been proven to lower cortisol levels (the primary stress hormone), relax the parasympathetic nervous system (fight or flight response), reduce anxiety and depression, slow breathing and heart rate and increase the “feel-good” neuro-chemicals dopamine and serotonin) that allow us to think more clearly and feel energized.

Imagine your team receiving education and skill-building that results in them

  • Sleeping better

  • Having greater focus

  • Making smarter business decisions

  • Increased effectiveness

  • Greater emotional stability

With Workplace Wellness, we infuse your business with mindfulness, mindful movement and inspiration relevant to your team’s needs. Whether it’s a once per year Wellness Workshop at your annual planning meeting or a weekly Stretch & Mindfulness Sessions, bringing greater awareness to your and your employee’s well-being and health will result in a dedicated team that will be best equipped to handle the day-to-day stresses inherent in any industry.

Very few would dispute that an organization’s greatest asset is their employees. This very much rang true for Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation. This is why our organization sought out Heidi Michelle to teach our team emotional and physical self-care. Heidi has a extraordinary way of encouraging personnel through inspiring language and mindful movement. I highly recommend contracting Heidi to help lead your team to greater health.
— Deb Strickland, Executive Director & Co-Founder,, Northern Nevada Children's Cancer Foundation, Reno, NV


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